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i made another one!

2009-07-18 04:14:01 by me23

but it still got blammed WTF


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2009-07-18 06:23:07

ah shit
good luck next time

me23 responds:

thats the fifth time my flash got blammed


2009-07-18 12:28:24

:P im not gonna vote 5 becuse you asked me to im gonna be fair. and yea im gonna say have patience. you will learn eventually. ive been working on a flash for 2 days and im just now working on the scenery for my 2nd scene all ive done is rough it out it still needs to be colored. I have maybe 10 seconds of a 2 minute flash done. :P patience is key dude lol.

me23 responds:

dude i waas jk lol


2009-07-23 12:23:06

hm not good....well i say you find out who did this and rip ther head off or you can make a super sweet one that is good all arownd i could be hard but people will love you for it but like kyuubitT said you will need patience a good way to make a good flash is to get help from someone you know that makes flash
thats my say